Vinyl by Super Jaymze

Vape Wraps

A collection of various vape wraps to protect your device and leaves no residue if removed. Wholesale options available for retailers.

Each listing below is separated by design. Please view each design for price and availability.

All digital prints include an additional clear vinyl protective wrap to prevent scratches and premature fading. The new protective clear vinyl wraps are NOT needed for the textured wraps, carbon fiber, wood grains, snake skin and glitter wraps which already have a laminate protective layer or are thick enough to protect your device. This clear protective wrap, which comes free with any purchase of a digital wrap, is used in the automotive industry to prevent the front of vehicles from getting dents and scratches from road debris and rocks. Just another step I take to ensure a quality product. Additional clear vinyl protective wraps are available for purchase.

How-To videos and Trouble Shooting guides can been viewed on our YouTube channel.


Stay tuned as we are constantly adding different patterns and color variations to our wraps.
Please note that the ego wraps I have from my website are for the Joyetech line only. However, I have a tutrial video in my youtube channel that shows you have to make off brands fit. In addition, my Zmax wraps are for the Smoktech line only.