Vinyl by Super Jaymze

Hana Modz v1

Sold out.

Using only 3M Di-Noc vehicle wrap so you know you're getting the best material available. The thickness and feel of this vinyl wrap is unmatched compared to other media. It is sectioned off into 2 pieces so that you can remove the 18650 battery inside for faster and more efficient charging.This wrap also includes clear wraps for the top and the bottom of the Hana Modz to further protect it from scratches. The top and bottom wraps are clear, not wood grain or carbon fiber.


In some cases, thicker vinyl material such as wood grain, 3M carbon fiber or snake skin textured wraps may require heat gun (or a really strong hair dryer) application for vinyl to completely wrap. Please view my YouTube How-To videos by clicking the link below. 


This wrap is only for the Hana Modz v1, not the Hana Modz Mini that was later released.


Application Instructions - CLICK HERE