Vinyl by Super Jaymze

Items Needed:
- Water
- Rubbing Alcohol - 70% Solution (aka Isopropyl alcohol)
- Liquid Soap
- Spray Bottle
- Mixing Bowl
- A lint free clean cloth



 Application instructions:

 1. Mix about 60% water and 40% rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle.

 2. Mix 4-5 drops of liquid soap and into 1 quart of water.

 3. Make sure the battery is removed from the device.

 4. With clean hands, dip your fingers into the soapy water and remove the clear vinyl wrap from the wax film. This will prevent the adhesive part of the clear wrap from having finger prints.

 5. Spray the adhesive part of the vinyl with the alcohol and water mix. Make sure you spray all the way to the edges.

 6. The vinyl wrap overlaps by about .05 of an inch so make sure you start placement on a desired area as opposed to over an engraving.

 7. Once you lay the vinyl over the mod, spray a little bit more of the alcohol/water mix over the edges of the vinyl.

 8. Now with the outer part of the vinyl damp with alcohol/water solution, gently rub out any air bubbles or creases  with your finger tips starting from the center of the wrap, outwards.

 9. If wrap gets moved or is placed in an undesired position, simply lift he wrap up and start again.

 10. Before use, dry your mod off with a clean cloth and let it sit for 8-12 hours depending on temperature.