Vinyl by Super Jaymze

Clear Wraps

This clear protective vinyl wrap protects your existing vape wrap from premature fading and is highly scratch resistant. It will also help protect your mechanical mod or device from unwanted scratches from keys, cell phone cases, or anything else you might have in your pocket or purse. When you place your mod down, the first thing to touch is usually some sort of an engraving. Use this clear wrap and have a good piece of mind knowing that your engraving is protected each time you set it down.


Application Instructions can be viewed HERE


**You do not need to add this to your cart if you are purchasing a digital wrap from us because it is already included.

***Devices with textured grips, such as the ProVari and the Provari Mini, advanced application is necessary to "lay down" the vinyl in the crevasses and indented areas. The use of a heat gun, razor and soft embedding tool is needed for it to be correctly applied. However, if your ProVari already has a wrap on it and you just want to protect it, this wrap follows the simple instructions found on my YouTube page. Again, a "clean" look for your ProVari using a clear protective vinyl wrap requires advanced application techniques. This also applies to the Chi You rings that have indentations as well.


****THIS WRAP IS NOT NEEDED ON ANY OF MY TEXTURED, CARBON FIBER, GLITTER, WOOD GRAIN OR PRE PRINTED WRAPS. Each listing will indicate whether or not this comes free with your purchase.