Vinyl by Super Jaymze

The Grid

I brought the textured wraps, clear wraps, and now the glow in the dark wraps to the vape game. This PREMIUM vape wrap is comprised of 2 types of high end media. The first being 3M Di Noc carbon fiber vinyl which is unmatched in quality and feel. The second is an 8 mil thick glow in the dark media that has unreal luminosity. The two combined create my masterpiece which I like to refer to as The Grid. Please allow 3-5 days for production on this wrap as they will not be mass produced. If you see these in a store, the the store owner is simply showing their sample which I gave to them. I will hand cut, craft, and assemble this vape wrap together piece by piece then ship it out to you. Make no mistake about it, these are made to order. You will receive a hand made wrap which I took the time to piece together for you. After a few moments of watching a short and simple instructional video, you will have your iTaste MVP draped in the sickest vape wrap in the game. Game over... for now.